Mei-lan Maurits

Interview by Visual Collaborative October 2020 Mei-lan Maurits Mei-lan Maurits is a performance and studio recording music artist. Her mastery of sound intuitively guides listeners in healing and attunement. She identifies her soul’s purpose to be a conduit for light, love, and divinity. Through her sound healings, guided meditations, and courses, she brings frequencies of … Continue reading Mei-lan Maurits

Jamal Ademola

Interview by Visual Collaborative November 2020 Photo courtesy Brandon Hicks, Styled by De’Juana Mallory Jamal Ademola, based in Los Angeles is a Nigerian American Artist & Filmmaker who possesses a range of diverse talents. His work intersects storytelling and fine art, working across various disciplines – live-action film, 2d animation, photography, and performance. He has … Continue reading Jamal Ademola

Seow Beng Lan

Interview by Chief Editor October 2020 Seow Beng Lan Seow Beng Lan, based in Singapore, is an exhibition curator. Her creative career started as a design director at the Hyatt hotels in Macau, transitioning to becoming a corporate branding designer, eventually becoming a gallery curator for NGOs in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taipei. Seow is well … Continue reading Seow Beng Lan

Sahib Pashazadeh

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Sahib Pashazadeh Sahib Pashazadeh, a recipient of the Golden Lira Prize, is an eminent Azerbaijani Tar player. He has performed in over 60 countries worldwide. Under his leadership, the Mugam ensemble won 1st place at the 1st International MACOM Festival in Uzbekistan, Shakhrisabz. As a feature in our Eta … Continue reading Sahib Pashazadeh

Saida Zulfugarova

Interview by Visual Collaborative October 2020 Saida Zülfügarova Saida Zulfugarova is a pianist of Azerbaijani descent based in France. She has been invited to and performed at numerous music festivals around the world, including, Festival des etudiants de Paris, Voce della Montagna (Pescasseroli, Italy), Vent d’Est (La Roziere, France), Muson Festival in Lagos. As a … Continue reading Saida Zulfugarova

Tenco Teh

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Tenco Teh based in Singapore, is the vice president of the Asia Illustration Society (a non-profit), an Illustration art event organizer in Asia, and a graphic designer. As a feature in our Eta Carinae interview series, Tenco discusses her role in the region, her background, and a perspective on … Continue reading Tenco Teh

Telesa Via & Elliott L. Ferguson, II

Interview by Chief Editor Ade Olufeko October 2020 Telesa Via and Elliott Ferguson Telesa Via, Vice President of Sales for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, with Elliott L. Ferguson, II, President and Chief Executive Officer of Destination DC, have a combined C-level experience that would easily be an educational volume of learning for the inspired. As … Continue reading Telesa Via & Elliott L. Ferguson, II

Jess Henderson

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Jess Ellen Henderson Jess Ellen Henderson is a London-based music producer, songwriter, topliner, singer, and keyboardist. Originally from Australia, where she wrote, performed, and produced her first EP, she developed a passion for music from a very young age. As a teenager, she demonstrated an uncanny ability for arrangements, … Continue reading Jess Henderson

Shannon Shiang

Interview by Visual Collaborative October 2020 Portrait of Shannon Shiang courtesy of Jonsar Studios Shannon Shiang is an Artist and Jewelry Architect. Her life passion inspires creativity while utilizing her experiences to empower others to live healthier, happier lives, and ultimately leave the world a better place. As a feature in our Eta Carinae interview … Continue reading Shannon Shiang

Jacqueline Nsiah

Interview by Visual Collaborative October 2020 Photo courtesy Jacqueline Nsiah Jacqueline Nsiah is a freelance film festival and arts & culture consultant. She has over a decade of experience working with film festivals across the world, previously serving in positions such as Co-director for the Cambridge African Film Festival, Producer of the Real Life Documentary … Continue reading Jacqueline Nsiah