The Interviews Volume 1

The Visual Collaborative Polaris series was conceived to create an engaging experience in form of interviews. In a little over 169 minutes of content, we feature 26 selected practitioners from around the world, exploring their creative disciplines, perspectives, forthcoming works and insights to boundless creative possibilities.

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Ayo Binitie Bahia Shehab Autumn Whitehurst Polly Alakija Ben Jones Remi Vaughan-Richards Joyce Adewumi Tosin Oshinowo Hana Omilani Valérie Alloix Tiphanie Brooke Kanayo Ebi Irene Hernandez-Feiks Yvonne Sangudi Jens Gad Bobby Yan TolumiDE Chee Selam Abiola Chef Michael Jungle Red Indira Deborah SB Mankwe


The concept of Polaris or North Star, is an experimental collective created by multidisciplinary designer and award-winning technologist; Ade Olufeko. The project commenced in the Winter/Harmattan of 2019 over a period of three months.

We speak to an Emmy award winner, a regional recognized architect, prolific artists, commercial graphic designers, global muralists, singers, performers, scientists, activists, artistic directors, music recording engineers, gallery owners, a yoga practitioner, an art collector, fashion stylists, chefs and university professors among others. Beyond a our platform the concept of Visual Collaborative is evidently seen universally in its everyday use regardless of socioeconomic status. We hope that the literacy of the creative industry and its different facets through our platform coveys its commitment to the field of humanities.


Autumn Whitehurst – New York City
Commercial Illustrator, and Instructor at School of Visual Arts Read Interview

Bahia Shehab – Cairo, Egypt
Artist, designer and founder of the graphic design program at The American University in Cairo Read Interview

Bobby Yan – Queens, New York
6 time Emmy Award winner, Filmmaker and director Read Interview

Irene Hernandez-Feiks – San Francisco, California
WonderlandSF Gallery Director, Patron of the arts Read Interview

Polly Alakija – Lagos, Nigeria
Muralist, artist and children’s book author Read Interview

Remi Vaughan-Richards – Lagos, Nigeria
Filmmaker and director Read Interview

TolumiDE – Washington, D.C.
Singer, songwriter and graphic artist Read Interview

Tosin Oshinowo – Lagos, Nigeria
Award-winning architect, entrepreneur, public speaker and author Read Interview

Jens Gad – Berlin, Germany
Producer, songwriter and guitarist Read Interview

Selam  – Brooklyn, New York
Actress, Singer-Songwriter Read Interview

Indira Lindsay Roberts – Greensboro, North Carolina
Pharmaceutical professional and festival director Read Interview

Tiphanie Brooke (Antigirl) – Los Angeles, California
Multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer Read Interview

Joyce Adewumi – Harlem, New York
Singer, choreographer and educator Read Interview

Michael Elegbede – Lagos, Nigeria
Chef Read Interview

Valerie Alloix – San Francisco, California
Creative Technologist Read Interview

SB The-emcee (Ogo) – Houston, Texas
Rapper and lyricist Read Interview

Mankwe Ndosi – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Singer and performance artist Read Interview

Yvonne Sangudi  – Los Angeles, California
Singer Read Interview

Chee (Chidinma) – Lagos, Nigeria
Singer and songwriter Read Interview

aYo Binitie Lagos, Nigeria / London, United Kingdom
Creative Technologist Read Interview

Kanayo Ebi – New York City / Lagos, Nigeria
Stylist, Image and Brand consultant Read Interview

Hana Omilani – Lagos, Nigeria
Founder of Lasmara, Patron of the arts Read Interview

Suzanne Erickson – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Founder of Jungle Red Salon Spa and Gallery Read Interview

Ben L. Jones – Chicago, Illinois
Artist Read Interview

Abiola Salamotu Ajala – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stylist and fashion connoisseur Read Interview

Deborah Lundstrom – Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Yoga practitioner and program director Read Interview