SB The-emcee

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 SB is a Nigerian rapper and lyricist based in Houston Texas. In this interview he talks about his tenure in hiphop culture, his heritage and recent release of Land of Black Gold You have been in the music business for a very long time.  How did the name SB … Continue reading SB The-emcee

Deborah Lundstrom

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Deborah Lundstrom is a Yoga practitioner based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a connection to the arts and it’s expressive forms, she shares with us her experiences and growth from California back to her home and business on the African continent. Yoga in a sense is an art form, … Continue reading Deborah Lundstrom

Abiola Salamotu . A

Interview by Visual Collaborative February 2019 Abiola simply known as Aby is a Nigerian stylist and a connoisseur of fashion based in Philadelphia. She has worked with many major brands such as Saks and Bloomingdales. We get insights to her world and aspirations.  You are considered a fashionista or a connoisseur of fashion. Did this … Continue reading Abiola Salamotu . A

Mankwe Ndosi

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Mankwe Ndosi’s creative practice spans genres and disciplines, weaving influences from Jazz and African legacies, Hip Hop, Soul, performance art, theater, public art and improvisation. Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, she served as artistic director at the Center for independent artists during Visual Collaborative’s inaugural exhibition in 2007. In this … Continue reading Mankwe Ndosi

Autumn Whitehurst

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy of Chris McClelland Autumn Whitehurst a native of New Orleans is a commercial Illustrator based in New York City. Her exquisite digital illustrations has graced numerous publications such as Italian Vogue, The Principality of Monaco and Bloomingdale’s. She is also an instructor at School of Visual Arts. … Continue reading Autumn Whitehurst


Interview by Chief Editor January 2019 Photo by Jeremy Mines Studio Tolumide is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic artist based in Washington D.C. Her Suya Soul music performances at open mics or festivals has garnered a following. You would quickly notice fans hurrying for a quick selfie before she goes into a venue. She recently opened … Continue reading TolumiDE

Bobby Yan

Interview by Chief Editor March 2019 Bobby Yan is a New York-based filmmaker, director, and visual juggernaut. A six-time Emmy Award winner, Yan is a veteran of the television and music video industry, directing over one hundred music videos and commercials. His recent short film Marz appeared in over fifty festivals worldwide. As a feature on … Continue reading Bobby Yan


Interview by Chief Editor January 2019 Photo courtesy of Selam Selamawit Worku is an Ethiopian-American Singer, Songwriter and Actor based in New York. She received years of vocal training with a degree in Jazz/Popular Music. In addition, she has completed conservatory acting training at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City. … Continue reading S E L A M

Jens Gad & Yvonne Sangudi

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy @GadImages Jens Gad is a German producer, songwriter and guitarist. Producing music and albums for many artists, such as Sandra, he is also credited for contributions on multiple world award-winning music project Enigma. He is the older brother and occasional collaborator of Los Angeles based hitmaker Toby … Continue reading Jens Gad & Yvonne Sangudi

Kanayo Ebi

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy of kachmeifyoucan Kanayo Ebi is an Image and Brand consultant based in New York City. As a celebrity stylist and fashion curator, she has worked with numerous personalities, runways, lifestyle initiatives and has been featured on various media. In this interview she connects dots to her professional … Continue reading Kanayo Ebi