Shabnam Shikhaliyeva

Interview by Visual Collaborative August 2020 Photo courtesy of Shabnam Shikhaliyeva Shabnam Shikhaliyeva, a Doctor of Philosophy in Music based in Oman, is a Qanun performance artist of Azerbaijani descent. As a feature in our SOURCE interview series, Shabnam talks to us about her background, contributions to Sultan Qaboos University, where she lectures, her music, and … Continue reading Shabnam Shikhaliyeva


Interview by Visual Collaborative August 2020 Photo courtesy of Ranti Ranti Ihimoyan, better known by her stage name Ranti is an opera and crossover recording artiste versatile in folk, jazz, and pop music. She won ’Best Alternative Music Video’ at the 2016 Nigeria Music Video Awards for her debut folk recording ‘Iwe Kiko’ among other … Continue reading Ranti

Matti Weinberg

Interview by Visual Collaborative August 2020 Photo by Matti Weinberg Matti Weinberg Littman is a British-Israeli mentalist, born and living in Israel. He started to explore the world of magic as a child. Today, Matti performs under his brand – The Gentleman of Mentalism primarily for corporate and private events. He presents feats of psychological … Continue reading Matti Weinberg

Carolyn Woodruff

Interview by Chief Executive July 2020 Photo courtesy Woodruff Family Law Group Carolyn Woodruff, based in North Carolina, is an American lawyer, businesswoman, domestic violence activist, and philanthropist. She is also an author, a World Dance star, and a multi-engine airplane pilot. In 1989, Woodruff was the youngest in the first group of lawyers in … Continue reading Carolyn Woodruff

Chief Justice Cheri Beasley

Transcribed interview by Visual Collaborative A conversation with Ade Olufeko July 2020 Illustration by Visual Collaborative Cheri Beasley currently serves as the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court in the United States. She has served in numerous positions to include the North Carolina Court of Appeals and as a District Court Judge. As … Continue reading Chief Justice Cheri Beasley

Gal Shitrit

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Yaffo Saloniki – Simcha Barbiro Gal Shitrit, is a singer, actress, and dancer based in Israel. She performs as a soprano singer in the musical MAMMA MIA. Her accomplishments include performances at the national theater in Tel Aviv HABIMA. As a feature in our Oxygen interview series, Gal discusses … Continue reading Gal Shitrit

Mary Estacion

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Mary Estacion, born Maria Lourdes, is an American journalist and video producer of Filipino descent. She has covered and collaborated on numerous high-level projects with organizations such as NASA and Hubble Space Telescope. As a feature in our Amplified interview series, Mary talks to us about her work, background, and … Continue reading Mary Estacion

Karen Savage-Blue

Interview by Visual Collaborative June 2020 Photo courtesy Karen Savage-Blue Karen Savage-Blue is a painter based in Minnesota. As a feature in our Visual Collaborative Oxygen interview series, Karen talks to us about her work, background, and aspirations as a creative professional. We also discuss her connection to The Fond du Lac Band of Ojibwe … Continue reading Karen Savage-Blue

Sheila Ruiz

Interview by Visual Collaborative June 2020 Sheila Ruiz outside the Cinnamon Club, London. Photo by Ivan Gonzalez  Sheila Ruiz, based in London, is Deputy Director at the Royal African Society, where she focuses on organizational development, partnership-building, and acts as the cultural head for the charity. She has over 15 years’ experience working in the … Continue reading Sheila Ruiz

Teodore Thomas

Interview by Visual Collaborative May 2020 Photo courtesy Teodore Thomas Teodore Thomas is a graphic designer based in Miami, Florida. As a featured profile in our Oxygen interview series, Thomas talks about his career and experience in the design industry. He also talks about his faith which is based on Christian and biblical principles. (VC) Outside … Continue reading Teodore Thomas