Junichi Tsuneoka

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Photo courtesy of Junichi Tsuneoka Junichi Tsuneoka is an illustrator, Creative Director, and Founder of Studio Sideburn. He has worked for numerous brands such as; Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. As a feature in our SOURCE interview series, Mr. Tsuneoka talks to us about his creative process, collaborations, … Continue reading Junichi Tsuneoka

Javier Osorio

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Javier Osorio is a freelance Creative Director and Writer based in Chicago, Illinois. He explores new ways to create narratives that connect brands with their audiences, in any language, length, channel, format, and shape. As a feature in our Amplified interview series, Javier shares insights on his approach to … Continue reading Javier Osorio

Hanna Ayenew

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Photo courtesy Hanna Ayenew Hanna Ayenew, based in New York City, is a Project Manager who manages and provides solutions to complex technology projects. As a profile featured in our Amplified interview series, Hanna talks about her work, Ethiopian heritage, and transition from the Midwest to the Five Boroughs. … Continue reading Hanna Ayenew

Busola Majekodunmi

Interview by Chief Editor July 2020 Busola, courtesy Steering for Greatness Foundation Oluwabusola Majekodunmi or simply Busola is an enabler who is passionate about deploying innovation and design thinking as problem-solving tools to harness the potential of individuals and companies on the African continent. She founded Steering for Greatness Foundation, a youth-led NGO to provide … Continue reading Busola Majekodunmi

Dana Regev

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Photo courtesy Dana Regev Dana Regev is an entrepreneur with an extensive business experience who develops innovative approaches such as the Rebirthing technique to treating the wellbeing of many individuals. She has also worked in the tourism industry, establishing a real estate portfolio in Israel, the US, and Poland. … Continue reading Dana Regev

Mary Ann Nikel

Interview by Visual Collaborative June 2020 Mary Ann Nikel, photo courtesy The Artisan & Company Mary Ann Nikel is the owner of a sustainable lifestyle brand, The Artisan & Company, based in Bali, Indonesia. As a feature in our Amplified series, Mary Ann talks about her career, family, and evolution through partnerships in her industry. … Continue reading Mary Ann Nikel

Adenike Olanrewaju

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Adenike Olanrewaju courtesy AYO Adenike Olanrewaju is a New York-based writer, editor, and founder of AYO, an international media platform that has featured content from African diasporic women from over 20 countries. As a media entrepreneur, she advocates for stories centered around the lives, experiences, and perspectives of Black … Continue reading Adenike Olanrewaju

Mary Estacion

Interview by Visual Collaborative July 2020 Mary Estacion, born Maria Lourdes, is an American journalist and video producer of Filipino descent. She has covered and collaborated on numerous high-level projects with organizations such as NASA and Hubble Space Telescope. As a feature in our Amplified interview series, Mary talks to us about her work, background, and … Continue reading Mary Estacion

Marcia Ashong

Interview by Chief Editor June 2020 Photo courtesy TheBoardroom Africa Marcia Ashong is the Founder and CEO of TheBoardroom Africa, an initiative that champions women in executive leadership across Africa by working with venture capital and private equity investors, development finance institutions, and organizations across the continent to improve female representation in boardrooms and investment … Continue reading Marcia Ashong

Chinedu Echeruo

Interview by Chief Executive May 2020 Photo courtesy Love & Magic Company Chinedu Echeruo a serial entrepreneur is co-founder of the Love and Magic Company. During the aughts, he created Hopstop, a pioneering travel app that helped millions of users navigate public transportation in major metropolitan areas around the world, Apple Inc acquired the solution. … Continue reading Chinedu Echeruo