Aditi Patil

Interview by Visual Collaborative May 2020 Photo courtesy Aditi Patil Aditi Patil is a first-generation Indian-American Computer Science major at Columbia University in New York City. She is also a researcher, writer, and a game-changer among her peers. She founded XX Coders a nonprofit organization that works with less privileged young women coders of diverse backgrounds who … Continue reading Aditi Patil

Chinyere Ibenye

Interview by Visual Collaborative May 2020 Photo courtesy Chinyere Ibenye Chinyere Ibenye a fine artist and a painter based in Nigeria. She studied at the California Arts and Crafts in Oakland and is self-proclaimed as a Contemporary Impressionist. Her love for colors is in colorful, vibrant, and energetic methods expressing her Africanism. As a feature … Continue reading Chinyere Ibenye

Kevin Chaja

Interview by Chief Editor May 2020 Kevin Chaja currently contracts as a Senior Prototype Engineer at The Walt Disney Company. His independently developed augmented reality app Moment AR, received critical reception before it was acquired, then eventually becoming the sole owner of the value-add solution. As one of the features in our Oxygen interview series, Chaja … Continue reading Kevin Chaja

Joram Muzira

Interview by Visual Collaborative May 2020 Photo courtesy JMM Joram Muzira based in Uganda is the Chief Executive and Creative Director of JORAM Model Management (JMM). Serves as a Casting Director, International Model Scout, and Fashion Entrepreneur. Muzira worked with some of the African continent’s top designers including David Tlale from South Africa, and Mai … Continue reading Joram Muzira

David Carson

Photo courtesy of Rob Becker Interview by Chief Editor May 2020 David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director, and surfer. His innovative magazine design and experimental typography are known in mass media and the creative industry. He once served as the art director for the magazine Ray Gun and has consulted for many … Continue reading David Carson