Anthony Armendariz

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2019 Anthony Armendariz is the CEO and Head of Design at Funsize, a digital service and product design agency located in Austin Texas, that works with design and engineering teams of fortune 500 companies. Anthony’s work and viewpoints have been featured in multiple books and publications such as ID Magazine, … Continue reading Anthony Armendariz

Bisila Bokoko

Interview by Chief Editor September 2019 Photo courtesy of Camila Gimenez Laird Bisila Bokoko is a Spanish-American businesswoman, speaker and philanthropist of African descent based in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of BBES, a business development agency that represents, promotes and markets brands internationally. As a main feature in our Visual Collaborative … Continue reading Bisila Bokoko

Tan Haur

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2019 Photo courtesy T Haur Tan Haur is an educator who serves as the program leader for the “Digital Art for Everybody” community program, supported by the Ministry of Information, Communications and The Arts in Singapore. As a feature in our Supernova interview series, Haur talks to us about his career … Continue reading Tan Haur

Husani Oakley

Interview by Chief Editor August 2019 Photo courtesy of Deutsch Inc. Husani Oakley is an EVP and Director of Technology at Deutsch Inc. Based in New York City, Husani’s global contributions to innovation and rich media products spans various disciplines, garnering recognition around the country such as invitations to speak at the White House by … Continue reading Husani Oakley


Interview by Visual Collaborative August 2019 Desdamona is a hip-hop and spoken word artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is recipient of five Minnesota Music Awards for ‘Best Spoken Word Artist. As a special feature in our “Vivencias” interview series, Desdamona talks to us about her emergence as an artist, the realities of arts today in … Continue reading Desdamona