Jacqueline Nsiah

Interview by Visual Collaborative October 2020 Photo courtesy Jacqueline Nsiah Jacqueline Nsiah is a freelance film festival and arts & culture consultant. She has over a decade of experience working with film festivals across the world, previously serving in positions such as Co-director for the Cambridge African Film Festival, Producer of the Real Life Documentary … Continue reading Jacqueline Nsiah

Jack Lawson

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Jack on assignment with Comic Relief in Ghana Jack Lawson is an award winning professional photographer based in London. Jack’s character driven work spans across portraiture, lifestyle and travel, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. His work has taken him all over the world and he … Continue reading Jack Lawson

Giacomo Felace

Interview October 2020 Photo courtesy Fabrizio Rigutti Giacomo Felace is an Italian Creative Strategist and Visual Artist currently based in Italy. His work spans different business sectors in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, merging his love for branding, marketing, and culture. In 2020 he founded Under Prospective, a digital platform underlying contemporary culture, and … Continue reading Giacomo Felace

Remi Duyile

Interview by Chief Editor September 2020 Remi Duyile based in the U.S, is a seasoned Mentor, business owner, and strategist passionate about helping people maximize their potentials. Her value proposition was realized at one pinnacle of her career. She transitioned to become a serial entrepreneur. As a special feature in our Eta Carinae interview series, … Continue reading Remi Duyile

Naomi Assaraf

Interview by Visual Collaborative October 2020 Photo courtesy Naomi Assaraf Based in San Francisco, Naomi Assaraf has been a leader in business for more than two decades. She is the co-founder and CMO of cloudHQ, a successful email management company that makes Gmail productivity tools for over 5 million users. Naomi has keynoted conferences around … Continue reading Naomi Assaraf

Lynn Vartan

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Lynn Vartan based in Utah is an international performer and educator who is an advocate for diversity in music.  As a new music percussionist, she has collaborated with numerous artists and reputable establishments. As a feature in our Eta Carinae interview series, Vartan talks to us about her music, … Continue reading Lynn Vartan

Eugene Ankomah

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Eugene Ankomah, Photo courtesy of Eugene Ankomah Eugene Ankomah is a British-based contemporary and visual artist of Ghanaian descent. He headlined our Washington D.C event in autumn of 2011. As a feature in our Eta Carinae interview series, Ankomah talks to us about the evolution of his work, possible … Continue reading Eugene Ankomah

Nat Michele

Interview by Visual Collaborative August 2020 Nat, Photo courtesy of Nat Michele Nat Michele is a film photographer based in the United Kingdom. She has collaborated with numerous artists, and establishments such as Warner Music, and Sony Music, with work appearing in multiple publications. As a feature in our Polaris Eta Carinae interview series, Nat talks … Continue reading Nat Michele

Jing Tao

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Jing Tao, Photo courtesy of Jing Jing Tao, based in New York City, is a Senior Development Manager at Oracle. She started a career at Merrill Lynch, later working in various industries spanning finance, health, and marketing, she has worked with companies such as CrowdTwist and WebMD. As a … Continue reading Jing Tao

Fantine Moreta

Interview by Visual Collaborative September 2020 Fantine in Teotihuacan, Photo courtesy of Fantine Fantine Moreta from São Paulo is a pharmacist based in the Washington D.C and Virginia areas. She started a clinical research career in her native Brazil, occupying different private sector positions related to pharmaceutical and biological product development. As a feature in … Continue reading Fantine Moreta