Jens Gad & Yvonne Sangudi

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy @GadImages Jens Gad is a German producer, songwriter and guitarist. Producing music and albums for many artists, such as Sandra, he is also credited for contributions on multiple world award-winning music project Enigma. He is the older brother and occasional collaborator of Los Angeles based hitmaker Toby … Continue reading Jens Gad & Yvonne Sangudi

Kanayo Ebi

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy of kachmeifyoucan Kanayo Ebi is an Image and Brand consultant based in New York City. As a celebrity stylist and fashion curator, she has worked with numerous personalities, runways, lifestyle initiatives and has been featured on various media. In this interview she connects dots to her professional … Continue reading Kanayo Ebi


Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo by Fred Salami Hana Omilani of Eritrean ancestry is a life long patron of the arts, based in Lagos Nigeria she is the founder of Lasmara, an African art consultancy firm. As a feature in Visual Collaborative’s “Polaris” interview series, she shares an astute perspective on the African … Continue reading Hana

Irene Hernandez-Feiks

Interview by Chief Editor March 2019 Photo courtesy of Chillin Productions Bay Area art patron Irene Hernandez-Feiks has easily worked with over 10,000 artists, She is owner of WonderlandSF gallery and Chillin’ Productions events, She partnered with Visual Collaborative co-creating its 2011 Monochrome & Color exhibit in the Mission. Here, we catch up with a powerhouse … Continue reading Irene Hernandez-Feiks

Tiphanie Brooke (Antigirl)

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Tiphanie Brooke known professionally as Antigirl, is an American multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. She headlined Visual Collaborative’s Miami event in 2008. Showing her love for L.A through street murals, and as a feature on the “Polaris” interview series, She talks to us about her … Continue reading Tiphanie Brooke (Antigirl)

Tosin Oshinowo

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy of Tosin Oshinowo Tosin Oshinowo is an award-winning Nigerian architect, entrepreneur, public speaker and author. She led and implemented the new scheme of Maryland Mall located in Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos. As a feature on Visual Collaborative’s “Polaris” interview series, Oshinowo talks about her firm’s … Continue reading Tosin Oshinowo

Valérie Alloix

Transcribed interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy of Elimak Valérie Alloix is a Creative Technologist based in San Francisco. She has worked with various open-source communities. During the height of the Flash era she learnt to program interactive experiences collaborating with technologists, innovators and artists. Starting her career in Europe and now based … Continue reading Valérie Alloix

Remi Vaughan-Richards

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy @remi.vr Remi is a vibrant Nigerian Filmmaker and director. Her work spans disciplines; commercials, documentary and drama. In the 90s her career began in the art department working on films such as Judge Dredd (1995) and Eyes Wide Shut. In recent times she created historical motion portraits … Continue reading Remi Vaughan-Richards

Joyce Adewumi

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Joyce Adewumi is an accomplished singer, choreographer and educator based in Harlem New York. She is Founder and President of the New York African Chorus Ensemble and various community partnerships around the city. As a thought leader in the field of humanities she continues to groom the youth. In … Continue reading Joyce Adewumi

Benjamin L. Jones

Interview by Visual Collaborative March 2019 Photo courtesy of  Ben Jones Ben Jones is an American artist who lives to make the world look, and be a better place. He is an activist who happens to be an artist, and uses the arts as a vehicle toward historical agency. Jones’ works were featured at Visual … Continue reading Benjamin L. Jones