The Interviews Volume 1

The Visual Collaborative Polaris series was conceived to create an engaging experience in form of interviews, we feature 26 selected practitioners from around the world, exploring their creative disciplines, perspectives, forthcoming works and insights to boundless creative possibilities.

Ayo Binitie Bahia Shehab



The concept of Polaris or North Star, is an experimental collective created by multidisciplinary designer and award-winning technologist; Ade Olufeko. The project commenced in the Winter/Harmattan of 2019 over a period of three weeks.

We speak to an Emmy award winner, a nationally recognized architect, graphic designers, muralists, singers, performers, scientists, activists, artistic directors, music engineers, gallery owners, a yoga practitioner, an art collector, fashion stylists, chefs and university professors among many others. Beyond a our platform the concept of Visual Collaborative is inevitably seen universally in its everyday use regardless of socioeconomic status. We hope is that the literacy of the creative industry and its different facets through our platform coveys its commitment to the field of humanities.


Bahia Shehab – Cairo, Egypt

Bobby Yan – New York City

Irene Hernandez-Feiks – San Francisco, Ca

Polly Alakija – Lagos, Nigeria




Tiphanie Brooke (Antigirl)

Abiola Aby

SB (Ogo)


Jens Gan & Yvonne Sangudi
Joyce Adewumi
Chef Michael
Valerie Alloix
Bahia Shehab
Hana Omilani
Suzanne Erickson — Done
Ben Jones?
j. st. jaimes Chicago??

aYo Binitie

Since our exhibitions; ENCORE and Vanity closing the first 10 year chapter of our journey with the public, we has gone on beyond curating traditional events to partnering on wider stages with institutions many institutions, participating in various movable spaces and symposiums as keynotes, lectures or installations.